What the NUC? Here’s how to outfit Intel’s miniature PC

The Next Unit of Computing, or NUC, is a kit PC from Intel that's smaller and more efficient than your average desktop, but you have to install a few components yourself. Here's what you need to buy.

Inside Logitech’s plan to painstakingly reinvent itself

Logitech unveiled a new brand this month that takes the "tech" out of its name. The new brand name aims to show how the company has expanded beyond PCs -- here's a few Logitech executives explaining that decision in their own words.

Spam reaches 12-year low as cybercriminals pursue new methods

For those of you who shudder at the thought of waking up every morning to a dozen unwanted emails in your inbox, you're in luck. Email spam is at a 12-year low, according to security software company Symantec.

Windows 10 will make Microsoft your auto-updating overlord, and that’s okay

Everyone's going crazy about the auto-update clause in the Windows 10 EULA. It states Microsoft can push updates whether the user agrees or not. I, for one, welcome our new auto-updating overlords.

AMD’s Nano video card is just six inches long and arriving this August

If you thought AMD's recently announced Fury X and Fury cards weren't really what you are looking for in a GPU, perhaps the Nano will be more up your alley. Powerful, but small and with a low TDP, it's the most unique GPU in a while.

Attack breaks through RC4 cipher; many websites vulnerable

The RC4 cipher has been criticized for its vulnerabilities for years, but new research has prompted renewed calls for it to be immediately phased out of use by system administrators.

Microsoft breaks down Windows 10’s EULA

Don't sweat it if you were worried about Windows 10's end user license agreement, as it's much the same as it was before. In a new terms and conditions breakdown, Microsoft explains that it's par for the course, with a few small additions.

Prefer physical over digital? Windows 10 USB pre-orders hit Amazon

Perhaps ideal for anyone that values a physical copy over digital downloads, Microsoft plans to sell the Windows 10 operating system on a physical format next month at several major online retailers.

Here’s how to fix annoying problems with Google Play Games

Google Play Games and Google Play Services are the bane of many an Android gamers' existence. These unmovable Android applications control key features and may need to be updated if you're having problems with games on your device.

Oculus buys hand-tracking firm Pebbles Interfaces

Oculus has just purchased a company that specializes in hand-tracking technology. How long until we see the technology implemented into the virtual reality company's offerings?

Rumors say Skylake-powered Surface 4 may arrive as early as October

Sources in the supply chain say they've been issued orders to ship components in September for an October Surface 4 release, but they're just rumors.

Batman Arkham Knight PC sales suspended until fall

Batman: Arkham Knight for PC has some bugs so serious that sales are on hold until Warner and Rocksteady get their act together and fix the major performance issues. An internal EB Games email says Arkham Knight won't be fixed until…