FBI raided two Chicago homes in iCloud celebrity nude hack investigation

Recently disclosed federal documents have revealed two Chicago residences were raided by the FBI following last year's controversial nude celebrity iCloud hacks. The case is ongoing and no criminal charges have been filed.

Early benchmarks for AMD’s Fury X GPU show performance that rivals Nvidia’s Titan X

Two top-of-the-line graphics card go head-to-head, with the AMD Fury X coming close to or ahead of the NVIDIA Titan X in tests - based on rumored specifications.

Notes for iCloud beta now available to iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan testers

Following the announcement of a refurbished Notes app at WWDC, Apple has officially released the beta on to iOS 9 and 10.11 users.

MECH Ti is Nvidia’s new go-to tech demo with DirectX 12

Who doesn't love some ray traced shadows? What about sparse smoke? Real time reflections? All of that is present in Nvidia's new DX12 demo called MECH Ti, which it showed off in a private meeting at the end of Computex, to demonstrate the…

AMD’s retro-brand Fury cards detailed in new specification leak

Newly leaked information details AMD's upcoming Fury line, a series of high-spec graphics cards aimed at gaming enthusiasts, and the first line of cards to offer High Bandwidth Memory.

Microsoft will start shipping its $7,000 Surface Hub on July 1

On its blog, Microsoft announced on June 10 that its Microsoft Surface Hub will be available for businesses starting on July 1. The most affordable edition of the model, which comes in at 55 inches, will be priced at $7000.

NSA’s surveillance programs may be costing the tech industry up to $35 billion in lost revenue

According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), the NSA's programs are hitting the country where it really hurts -- the collective pocketbook, costing U.S. tech companies up to $35 billion.

Elon Musk made a video game when he was 12, and you can play it

Before Elon Musk co-founded PayPal, built electric luxury cars and sent the first private ship to the International Space Station, he developed a simple computer game, and it's now playable in your web browser.

Accidentally released Oculus Rift images are real but ‘ancient,’ says headset’s creator

Accidentally released mages of what we thought might be the latest version of the Oculus Rift showed up Tuesday. The headset's creator was quick to point out that the renders are real but old, though they do appear to reveal a few new…

Today’s CPUs are up to 60 times quicker than those sold just a decade ago

In the last 10 years, computers have improved significantly, but the the team at Phoronix decided to quantify processor improvements through benchmarks. What they found is exactly what you'd expect.

Tired of tearing and stuttering? LG’s 4K display with FreeSync will hit shelves this month

After being leaked a few weeks ago, LG has officially confirmed that its 27MU67 4K monitor with FreeSync will launch in June for a very competitive $599

Major tech firms urge President Obama to keep his mitts off encryption

Tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, and IBM write a formal letter to President Obama urging him to respect consumers' rights to encrypt their data. The government contends that encryption impedes investigations.