OCZ announces temptingly affordable Trion SSDs

OCZ, a Toshiba-owned company esteemed for its solid state drive manufacturing, announced today a family of budget-friendly SSDs based on the the Toshiba A19 19-nm NAND
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Falcon Northwest's Tiki torches pudgy performance desktops

With the newest components and a beautiful custom case, the Falcon Northwest Tiki wants to be more than just another living room PC - it wants to be your everything.

The latest HoloLens video clarifies its limited field-of-view

While the E3 demo of HoloLens left users excited, it didn't show how small the FOV of the device was,. Microsoft's newest demo video paints a clearer picture and tries to set realistic user expectations.

Windows 10 Build 10166 puts bugs in its sights, offers app for purchasing Wi-Fi access

Microsoft has released yet another Windows 10 Build. Like the three that went live last week, Build 10166 focuses on bug fixes and general stability. It also includes an app that sells access to paid Wi-Fi hotspots, though it currently…

The OS X El Capitan public beta is live for everyone

The long wait for non-developers is over, as the general public can now download and install the OS X 10.11 El Capitan beta before the update official drops.

Microsoft releases Office 2016 for Mac to Office 365 subscribers

Microsoft has launched Office 2016 for Mac computers, making the software package available today for Office 365 subscribers and hinting at a September date for its one-time purchase release.

AMD delivers highly anticipated Catalyst driver update 15.7 WHQL

AMD has released an update to its WHQL-certified Catalyst 15.7 drivers. Now, a broader range of systems will have access to technologies like FreeSync and Virtual Super Resolution, as well as support for Windows 10.

IBM puts fear into Intel with new 7nm chip process

The sub 10nm world of processor production is difficult territory, but it looks like IBM has cracked it. Using a new production technique and materials, it's created the world's first 7nm chip.

Sexist search? Google less likely to show women high-paying job ads than men

According to a new study, women are less likely than men to be shown ads for high-paying jobs. “In particular, [they] found that males were shown ads encouraging the seeking of coaching services for high paying jobs more than females.”

Microsoft launches Project Westminster to fast-track app conversion to Windows 10

Although Microsoft will likely bring over a lot of new users to Windows 10 with its free upgrade scheme, making sure it has all the apps people want is important too. That's why it's launched Project Westminster, to help bring them all over…

GoG games will work on Windows 10 without issue

When Windows 10 is released later this month, one big thing we need to know is whether our games will work. Fortunately anything that runs through GoG's platform will, as the developers have been making sure they're all compatible.

In defense of laptop batteries: Why they deserve some respect

Laptop batteries rarely grab headlines, but that doesn't mean they haven't changed. Today's slim, attractive and long-lasting notebooks wouldn't be possible without the advancements made in the past half-decade.