Apple’s Swift Programming language made open source

Apple has announced that they will be launching the next version of its programming language, Swift, as open source. This puts the language in the hands of developers and will help improve it at a rapid pace.

Need more than one app? iOS 9 adds support for multi-tasking on iPad

Tired of only looking at one app at a time? At WWDC, Apple announced that iOS 9 will add multi-tasking and slide-in app support, as well as floating windows.

Transit directions finally make their way to Apple Maps

During WWDC 2015, Apple announced that Apple Maps will soon include transit directions in select cities around the world. The new Maps app will be included in iOS 9, which launches this fall.

The next version of OS X is called El Capitan, focuses on refining Yosemite

Apple has revealed OS X 10.11 El Capitan. As expected, it focuses heavily on performance usability enhancements, including a new window snap option and improvements to the spotlight window.

Patent suggests Nvidia may be working on its own VR headset

Merely a week after revealing its GameWorks VR SDK, Nvidia has registered a patent, potentially hinting at the existence of its own VR

At only $170, Broadwell-powered Windows 10 laptops could be a problem for ChromeOS

As early as August this year, sub-$200 laptops with Windows 10 may be hitting the market from Acer and Lenovo, and they could be powered by Intel's Broadwell processors.

AMD’s new Radeon R9 390X is accidentally confirmed as a re-brand

AMD's new 300 series is looking less revolutionary by the minute, with news that its high-end 390X will actually just be a re-branded 290X with double the memory. This will disappoint gamers hoping for an all-new 390X flagship card.

Is virtual virtually here? Valve is shipping SteamVR headsets to developers

Valve has begun circulating development kits for its upcoming VR headset the Vive, which is being developed in partnership with HTC.

A computer has given humans a better understanding of gene connectivity

Tuft University's Daniel Lobo and Michael Levin have programmed a computer to create its own scientific theories. In turn, the computer has given us a better understanding of gene connectivity, specifically within the flatworm.

Read Microsoft’s lips: There will be no annual fee for Windows 10

After rumors began swirling about a potential annual fee for Windows 10, Gabriel Aul took to Twitter to clear the air. The Microsoft rep confirmed that there will be no yearly fee to use Windows 10.
Home Theater

Want to practice safe streaming? Plex is a lot more secure thanks to its latest update

Plex has teamed up with DigiCert to provide free SSL certificates for its media servers, meaning that your Plex server will now use "top-grade encryption" while streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

Excited to see iOS 9 and OS X 11? Here’s how to watch Apple’s WWDC 2015 livestream

Apple will be live streaming its WWDC event on June 8, starting at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST). Find out how you can watch Apple's WWDC 2015 live video stream on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.