Now, there’s a Surface 3 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage

Websites including CDW, MacMall, and PC Connection are selling a $549 version of the Surface 3 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. If you aren’t interested in paying $599 for the edition with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, this may be…

Razer brings RGB lighting to the humble mouse mat

Hoping to differentiate itself from the crowd, Razer has introduced full RGB backlighting to its latest mousing surface, giving the Firefly the ability to display a number of different colors, as well as provide ripple and reactionary…

Booq Python Catch bag has enough room for 2 DSLRs, laptop, and accessories

Booq's new camera and laptop messenger bag has enough room for two DSLRs, lenses, and a 15-inch laptop. It's rugged and environmentally friendly, too, made from recycled plastic and durable cotton.

Google Maps in trouble over racist search that points to the White House

On Tuesday, a number of Google Maps users were alarmed by the the very disturbing discovery that searching the racial slur "n---- king" directed them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, better known as the White House.
Product Review

Alienware 15 (2015) Review

The dual-core Alienware 15 is a muscle car that can't burn rubber.

Is Apple Watch’s San Francisco font heading for iOS and OS X?

In an effort to bring a single, easy-to-read font to all of its operating systems, Apple is reportedly preparing to take its custom-designed San Francisco typeface – already seen on the Apple Watch – to both iOS and OS X.

Windows 10 Build 10122 rolls out in the fast lane

There's not any major new features in Build 10122 of Windows 10, but there are some convenient bug fixes, and some new tweaks to the Start Menu and the Microsoft Edge browser.

The User Is My Mom will review your site for $75

Ascribing to the idea that if your mom can't figure it out, it's probably too complicated, one mother is braving the depths of the Internet to review your website, all for the bargain price of $75.

Logjam HTTPS exploit downgrades security to get at your data

The Logjam exploit is a hole in the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol, a commonly used method of establishing a secure connections. Thankfully, it's easy to patch.

OCZ’s newest solid state drives can read nearly three gigabytes per second

The OCZ 6000 Series takes advantage of the latest hard drive interface advancements to achieve mind-boggling read and write performance that puts even the quickest competitors to task.

Some 27-inch iMac orders upgraded to Retina, but not everyone is pleased

Apple is upgrading customers who ordered a 27-inch iMac to the entry-level Retina iMac for free, but concerns over the GPU in the newer model have some buyers crying foul.

Microsoft releases graphics and audio updates for Surface Pro 2 and Pro 3

Tweaks to the graphics and audio drivers of the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 are beginning to roll out through Windows Update.