Explore the other 70 percent of the Earth’s surface with Google Ocean Street View

Don't have the time to take a real vacation? Take a virtual one instead. With Google Ocean Street View, users can now explore under the sea, including the Great Barrier Reef and other hidden gems.

Microsoft update adds real time prescence to Word 2016

Editing a document together is only useful if you can see what they're doing as no one wants to end up editing the same section. Fortunately, Microsoft's new Office 2016 preview has been updated with new collaboration features.

4 million government personnel files lost in latest hack, Chinese attackers suspected

In the second major breach of security by suspected Chinese hackers in a year, over four million federal employee's personal information was stolen. This is the largest single attack on government personnel files so far.

Forget Broadwell – MSI, Biostar, and ASRock are preparing for Intel’s Skylake launch

Intel is aggressively preparing for the launch of Skylake, according to motherboard manufacturers. Chipsets supporting 6th-generation Core processors are expected to become available in August, which means processors shouldn't be far…

At long last, Valve begins taking pre-orders for Steam Machines

New systems running Valve's SteamOS have found their way onto the Steam Store, with Alienware and Syber options available as early as October, and the rest launching in November.

Is your Mac spying on you? Find out with Micro Snitch

Micro Snitch for Mac OS X lets users keep an eye on whether their computer's microphone and camera are being used to snoop without consent.

Grief is no game, but one developer used virtual reality to defeat it

Virtual reality has long been linked with video games, but what else might the tech be able to achieve? One man turned his own grief into a virtual mourning experience for the greater good.

Xbox services will be integrated with Windows 10 devices, says Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has elaborated on his plans to revamp Xbox into a multi-platform gaming brand. Xbox will become integrated with the new Windows 10, as well as Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft shows off tiny PC bundled into a power plug

Microsoft showed off the Foxconn Kangaroo and Quanta Compute Plug at Computex 2015, both of which can plug into a television and turn it into an HTPC. Prices and launch dates have not been released as of yet.

NSA spying powers aren’t dead yet, as the Obama administration seeks to revive bulk collection

In a statement from US officials, it has been confirmed that the Obama administration will attempt to revive the NSA's bulk collection program for another six months while the operation transitions to telecoms.

Gears of War studio renamed The Coalition, more Gears of War details at E3 2015

Black Tusk Studios, the studio Microsoft put in charge of Gears of War development, has been renamed The Coalition. The new studio will focus on the Gears of War franchise, and will have more to share at E3 later this month.

Tim Cook is right about privacy and encryption: We shouldn’t give them up for Google

Apple CEO Tim Cook declared privacy "a fundamental right," and touted Apple's record of encryption and respecting users' data. He criticized Google for data mining and the government for arguing against encryption.