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Palmer Luckey hand delivered the first Oculus Rift to this lucky guy

Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey
Oculus Rift is here at last. Somewhere in Alaska, a man named Ross Martin will snuggle down in front of his computer to play with the first retail Oculus Rift in consumer hands. Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, delivered it to him personally.

The official retail launch is this Monday, March 28, but Luckey told Polygon “I’ll be damned if some random delivery guy is going to get the satisfaction of delivering the first Rift.” Ross Martin was the earliest intrepid individual to pre-order an Oculus, hence he is the first to receive one. Not only that, but he received it in a box thoughtfully signed by the founders.

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Luckey streamed the exchange via Facebook Live, commemorating all his hard work since 2009. If you’re wondering “Why Facebook Live? Why not Periscope, or why not just Youtube it?” remember Oculus is a Facebook company now. The little VR system that launched on Kickstarter in 2012 was acquired by the social media corporation in early 2014 for a whopping $2 billion.

Personally delivering the first Rift to Alaska!

Posted by Palmer Freeman Luckey on Saturday, March 26, 2016

Oculus pledged, in three separate posts, to remain independent. Hopefully Facebook influence stays limited to an outlet for Oculus company news.

As far as personally flying the first backer their product and sharing that joy with the world, it seems a classy touch by Luckey. To venture forth on a delivery mission to the coldest state in America draped in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts was a bold choice.

In the video Martin thanked Luckey for coming out personally. “I think people online really appreciate all the transparency and outreach that you do.” If video views are any indication, over 100,000 have appreciated it so far.

“You have to make sure that you have fun with it or something,” Luckey told Martin. We’re sure he will. Unfortunately, Martin will have to wait to try his Rift out. He can’t really play it until the software goes live.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered a Rift, you may have to wait a few months, but you can put yourself on the list.

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