Evidently, passive aggressive Wi-Fi names are all the nerd rage

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No longer are the days of Wi-Fi networks with vanilla names like “NETGEAR” or “Home Wireless.” Not only are people becoming more self-expressive and creative with their network titles, BBC is reporting that people are using it as a passive aggressive way to tell off their neighbors, from messages as simple as “Shut up” to “We can hear you having sex.”

passive aggressive wi fi bbc wifi namesIt’s a pretty hilarious way to nerd rage, but if you live in a smaller community, it won’t be long until your neighbors uncover your anonymity. But in a city like New York where you can find at least 15 networks in a single location, or a college dorm where kids are constantly sending sneaky messages between their hall-mates, the rise of this trendy expressionism sure beats leaving Post-It notes at your neighbor’s door.

Passive aggressive Wi-Fi messages have all ranged anywhere from noise complaints (“Shut The Barking Dog Up No 7,” “Stop slamming the door!!!”) to actual Wi-Fi network exchanges between neighbors, such as “You’re music is annoying!” met by by “Your grammar is more annoying!”

People have also been using Wi-Fi titles as a way to express allegiance to a certain causes, such as political parties or veganism. A recent study by OpenSignal reveals that New York City alone contains pretty mixed voters, from Wi-Fi names like “Obama4President” to “ImpeachObama.” It’s another way the Internet provides a space for people to say what’s on their mind without the awkward confrontation, unless you’re that fed up and feel the need to barge over and scream at your neighbors in real life.

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Have you had any experience with ridiculous Wi-Fi names? My college friend certainly has, when he named his Wi-Fi network “Free Public Wi-Fi” only to password protect it. I’ve also spotted pretty bizarre names from “WhatsWrongWithTwoGirlsKissing” (with the password being “nothing”) to “Go Away.” You’ve gotta admit, however, that these passive aggressive names are pretty inspirational. I might go home and change my Wi-Fi name now.

Image Credits: PassiveAggressiveNotes.com, BBC, OpenSignal