Patent Awarded For WiFi Access Technology

From the Nomadix press release:

Nomadix, Inc., the leading supplier of Public-access solutions, today announced it has been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent Office for its proprietary systems and methods for online Home Page Redirection on wired and wireless (Wi-FiTM) networks.  Nomadix’ Patent No. 6,636,894 B1, “Systems and Methods for Redirecting User Having Transparent Computer Access to a Network Using a Gateway Device Having Redirection Capability,” describes the system and methods that enable a portable computer user logging into a Public-access network, or a Wi-Fi HotSpot, to be automatically redirected to the venue owner or service provider’s home page. This redirection takes place regardless of the host computer’s settings and without altering the user’s browser settings.

“Nomadix believes that receiving a patent on redirection technology, which is so fundamentally essential to the success of the rapidly growing Wi-Fi market, reinforces our leadership position in the industry,” said Joel Short, co-founder, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Nomadix. “The functionality contained in this patent is an important component in the deployment of any Public-access network. Home Page Redirection technology is critical to the HotSpot business model, because it instantly redirects potential customers to a venue owner or service provider’s Web site, allowing them to conveniently sign up for the service.”

A unique advantage of this system is that it operates in a manner transparent to the user. The portable computer user benefits from being able to access different computer networks (such as Wi-Fi HotSpots) without having to reconfigure the host computer in accordance with network specific configurations. The venue owner and network service provider also benefit by easily adding new subscribers.

The patented Home Page Redirection functionality will continue to be marketed as part of the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) embedded software package. The NSE software powers Nomadix’ complete family of Access Gateways including the Universal Subscriber Gateway IITM, the HotSpot Gateway and the AG-2000w Wireless Gateway.