Phone rumors surround Facebook’s secretive Wednesday event

Facebook Mobile EventFacebook is hosting a “mobile event” at its Palo Alto headquarters on November 3. That’s literally all the information the company will divulge about this Wednesday, except that it begins at 10 a.m. and will be followed by lunch.

Facebook has done a good job of building the suspense, although it seems like the tech community has made up its mind – the company could finally be announcing its long-rumored phone. Even though Mark Zuckerberg dismissed the idea, Facebook’s September statement admitting the company was looking into “deeper integration with some manufacturers” has been taken to mean “probably building a phone.”

A Facebook branded smartphone really seems like too much of a stretch though. Still, the tin-can-telephone graphic on the invitation must be hinting at something phone-related. A more likely scenario is a Facebook mobile OS to pair with smartphones already on the market.

Don’t get your hearts set on anything in particular though – there have been various rumors as to what awaits us tomorrow. It could easily be the location-based coupon deal that’s been floating around but remains unconfirmed. What with the holiday shopping season about to come full swing, the timing couldn’t be better. We can’t even begin to imagine how many people would want to be rewarded for shopping and using Facebook.

But let’s run down some of the less likely rumors, shall we? There’s the simplest possibility that Facebook has upgraded its mobile apps. However, this doesn’t really seem like reason enough for such a highly publicized event. There were musings that Facebook will finally go public – unlikely. Why would it be branded a “mobile event”? Maybe the company is making an announcement about acquiring But, again, why invite all of Silicon Valley for a press conference on what we all knew last week?

Whatever it is, there’s only one day left to wonder, and we’ll supply you with all the answers starting tomorrow at 10 a.m.