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Photoshop has a new interface just for app designers

Introducing Design Space (Technology Preview)
For those looking to put together an eye-catching, intuitive interface for their smartphone app, Photoshop just became a much more viable option. Adobe has announced a new interface choice for Photoshop CC which is designed to be just the ticket for app UI creators, with a streamlined interface of its own. It’s also entirely open source and built using HTML 5. Click on the video above for a taste of its features.

This is a somewhat early release, so adopters are encouraged to factor in that not every feature may be present or working entirely correctly, but Adobe claims that it was simply keen to let people in on what it’s been working on as soon as possible.

It’s built to optimize the creation experience, reducing the amount of distance between related icons, cutting back on clicks and drags, as well as on clutter and unnecessary features which would otherwise get in the way. The result is an interface that should be easier to operate, permitting a more efficient use of the designer’s time.

Presets for various screen sizes are also included, meaning designers can jump to different handset builds to see how their UI will scale to the different systems. Tools are automatically selected when double-clicking certain portions of the design window, meaning you don’t need to keep diving into the different toolbar menus and you can even have certain objects switch places if you want to rearrange things.

For those that want to try out the new interface, it will be shipping as a technology preview within the 2015 build of Photoshop CC. Adobe is hoping that those who do try it out will provide feedback, as it wants to continue development in the future.

What are some of the features you would like to see in the new Photoshop CC Design Space interface?

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