Plextor PX-708A review

Quote from the review at DVD Writers:

“Plextor have put out a fine product Plextor with their 708A DVD writer.

Plextor has long been known as the company that produces quality optical drives and they haven’t failed with the 708A – this drive is leagues ahead of the competition.

The 708A’s 8 speed dvd writing in around 8mins is a far cry from the days of Pioneer A03 (which was our first reviewed DVD writer) and would write a DVD in around 1 hour. At 8 speed the 708A gave the fastest DVD writing times of any DVD writer we have tested. Since 8 speed DVD+R isn’t an official standard the Plextor 708A can write to a few good quality 4 speed +R at 8 speed (saving you a few quid in the process).

The 708A’s performance when it came to CDs was outstanding, when it launched it had the fastest CD writing support of any DVD writer (in CD writing terms it is a 40/24/40 writer). It had no problems reading and writing to 99min CDs, it had perfect DAE with C2 error support and low seek times. It also allows you to fine tune audio CDs with VariRec and can monitor poor quality CDs with PoweRec so that you don’t make a coaster by burning them at the wrong speed.”

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