Police Target Chases With StarChase

Car chases involving law enforcement are always a dangerous risk. Innocent people or those involved in the chase can be hurt or killed. So when technology steps in to lend a helping hand, it’sembraced by those who benefit from it. Police in the “car chase capital of the world”, Los Angeles,  have started testing out a new type of law enforcement for use in car chases calledStarChase. StarChase uses a small, golf ball-sized GPS tracking unit that latches on to an automobile with its adhesive surface. Law-enforcement can then back off from chasing cars at excessivespeeds and use tracking software to watch where the suspect is headed. They then can draw up a proper plan of action to stop him in his tracks and cut off his driving paths.

These new GPS balls will help reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt in a car chase now that Police can slow down and not run red lights. But how do you get this little sticky ball onto a fleeingcar? Easy. Police are using air-cannons like something you’d find at a carnival to shoot these GPS-enabled trackers at vehicles. There is no word yet when this system could be introduced to the restof the US, though I’m sure many a law-enforcement could benefit from StarChase.