PowerColor announces Devil 13 monster dual-390 16GB graphics card

The Devil 13 Dual Core: it’s PowerColor’s answer to some of Nvidia’s monstrous GPU announcements from the past year. While we don’t know whether it can back up its specifications with performance, it’s certainly packing enough to get us to take notice.

With 16GB of GDDR5, twinned with a pair of R90 390 Grenada cores (based on the 290X Hawaii XT) and a PowerColor custom built 512-bit X2 memory bus to handle all of the bandwidth, this is going to be a powerful card.

Not only is it going to be powerful, but it’s going to draw a lot of power too. With both cores running at 1000MHz at stock, this thing requires a 1,000w PSU to operate. It takes four 8pin PCIExpress power cables to get it running and you’ll want adequate case cooling too. There’s a giant 10 heatpipe sporting a triple-fan cooler on the card itself, but that only goes so far in tackling the heat.

You won’t want that heat building up in your chassis.

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The card itself takes up enough space as it is, with the single slot card being added to with a dual slot cooler, so expect this GPU to overshadow other PCIE slots you have on your motherboard, especially if it has a compact layout.

However, despite the big size and big power draw, this GPU does have high quality components like ferrite core chokes and super caps, which should provide added stability for anyone looking to tweak the GPU or memory frequencies, though going much beyond stock may require a cooler upgrade.

For those who like little extras, too, PowerColor is bundling a Razer Ouroboros with every one of these “Devil 13″ cards. While no release date or pricing information has been released as of yet, considering the mouse alone goes for $120 and a single R9 390 is around $450, this is going to be an expensive GPU.

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