Prank House begins its first season

prank house begins its first season

The Prank House has gone live, and the first season has begun. Week one is underway, and the list of teams is below. When you join the Prank House, you are asked to choose your team — red or blue. Once you have selected, you become both participant and spectator. To join in, you simply purchase tokens after downloading the app from the Prank House’s official site. With those tokens you can do things like fire a paintball gun at members of the opposite team, or race RC cars, all while trying to help your chosen team gain more points and win the week.

It is the first of its kind, and each week a new group of contestants will enter the house. At the end of each week, the top contestant will move on and return in the last week for the finals. Once a winner is chosen, that person will donate a portion of the Prank House’s token sales to a charity of his or her choice.

The first week has begun, and the team rosters are as follows:

Red Team:

Charles Trippy

Corey Vidal



Ryan Abe

Blue Team:

Mr. Safety

Keep the Heat

Peter Chao

Super Ed


With Special Appearances From:

Shay Carl

Olga Kay

HouseHold Hacker

Timothy De La Ghetto

Check out the highlights from day one: