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Microsoft’s Andromeda might still exist after being spotted in a presentation

Image from Reddit u/silentcrs

References to Microsoft’s upcoming rumored Andromeda folding device have been spotted in an official presentation, according to a post on Reddit. Though making just a brief appearance, the mention further hints that the device exists and that Microsoft is still actively developing the project.

The Reddit post comes from someone who attended a Microsoft enterprise-focused presentation explaining how Windows development has shifted to DevOps. Aimed at Microsoft’s union of people, process, and products, line two of a presentation slide highlights a dependency tracker and proposed references for developers to test hardware on Andromeda.

Andromeda reference in enterprise presentation
A reference to Andromeda, Microsoft’s long-rumored folding tablet, surfaced in an enterprise presentation.

Other places in the slide also make references to Windows Core OS (WCOS,) which is the rumored modular Windows revamp that many believe will power the Andromeda device. There also seems to be a dual reference of Andromeda and QSEEW (Qualcomm secure execution environment), pointed out by a user on Twitter.

“They did not bring anything up verbally about it. The state is ‘proposed,’ which means it’s not been committed to any Windows branch yet, but clearly, it’s something they’re working on,” explains the Reddit posting.

The references are indeed rather vague, hinting that Microsoft is again now showing mixed feelings about the new device. Earlier in this year, Microsoft Chief Product Designer Panos Panay effectively killed hopes for Andromeda device, telling publications, “We can’t bring new categories into the world and not be a place where customers need it.”

Microsoft is obviously heavily invested in Andromeda and a rash of evolving patents have proved the device is something that being worked on and possibly changing. Most recently, a patent from October 11 shows that Microsoft could be considering Andromeda as a new computing form factor utilizing a single flexible display. That is a big change from before, where patents showed that Microsoft wanted to use a 360-degree hinge on the device.

Patents don’t always hold up to be true and more time is clearly needed for things to fully wrap out here, but the hype for Andromeda is now somewhat more real. A reveal might not be coming right away, but since Microsoft is now dropping hints to developers in official presentations, Andromeda might surface soon enough.

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