QWest Expandes Business VoIP Nationwide

Qwest Communications International Inc. has announced that its voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service is available to business customers nationwide. Qwest OneFlex(TM) services are now available in more than 100 cities across the U.S. allowing small, medium and enterprise business customers to benefit from Qwest’s own VoIP solution.

Qwest OneFlex is now newly available in more than 100 cities including the following metropolitan areas:
— Atlanta
— Cincinnati
— Cleveland
— Detroit
— Houston
— Indianapolis
— Miami
— Milwaukee, Wis.
— New Orleans
— Orlando, Fla.
— St. Louis
— Tampa, Fla.

“We’ve expanded our OneFlex availability to accommodate significant business customer demand for VoIP,” said Cliff Holtz, executive vice president, business markets group for Qwest. “With this launch, customers with offices across the country can now benefit from this industry-leading solution.”

Qwest initially launched OneFlex in August, 2004 and since then has made it available to business customers in 26 key metropolitan areas including 14 cities within the company’s local service region and 12 major national markets. Now, Qwest offers the service in more than 100 additional cities across the U.S.

Qwest offers a range of VoIP solutions including:

— OneFlex Integrated Access – Enables business customers to bundle their voice and data services over one high-bandwidth Internet connection that dynamically adjusts to accommodate their needs, ensuring that bandwidth is always used most efficiently. The service automatically adjusts to make the right amount of bandwidth available for voice calls while allowing all the remaining bandwidth to be used for data. The service automatically adjusts again when voice or data bandwidth use changes.

— OneFlex Hosted VoIP – A hosted solution that comprises local and long-distance voice service and high-speed Internet access, giving businesses a single, reliable connection for all their communications needs. By using a Web interface, customers can simply ‘point-and-click’ to manage their features such as managing employees’ phone lists and making conference calls. Because Qwest OneFlex is a network-based solution, customers can concentrate on managing their own businesses without complex telecom equipment or multiple providers.

— IP Centrex Prime – An IP-enabled interface allowing enterprise business customers with traditional Centrex services to migrate from their existing PBX connections to a robust VoIP solution while retaining the call quality and reliability of a PBX. Customers benefit from new IP-based flexibility while retaining the simplified telecom management of Centrex.