Raspberry Pi finally releases an official case for its single-board computer

The little computer known as Raspberry Pi now officially has a case. The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced on June 16 that it had developed an official case, now being sold for less than $10 (or 6 pounds) on the official Raspberry Pi shop site. Authorized Raspberry Pi retailers, including Element14 and RS Electronics, will also start selling the product.

Gordon Hollingworth, director of software at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, wrote in the organization’s blog that a case had been in the works for more than two years. The official product is primarily white with an engraved Raspberry Pi logo. The side featuring Raspberry Pi’s ports has a splash of bright red.

Lovers of Raspberry Pi, the single-board computer with an ARM-based processor, have already been creating their own cases, according to liliputing.com. There are also several third-party cases on the market. And now finally there is an official case, designed by the manufacturer.

Although the price of the case is less than $10, it’s worth noting that the Raspberry Pi Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B are themselves each around $35. This makes the case nearly one-third the cost of the actual computer.

In any event, the case is worth a look. It comes with an optional clip-on lid for additional protection, as well as a removable side plate. Its anti-slip feet keeps it from moving around on any surface, and the device’s power light remains visible with the case in place. As to be expected, all of the primary ports (including MicroSD) of the Raspberry Pi are still accessible even when it’s completely covered. In total, there are five pieces that snap together without tools, giving the Raspberry Pi the protection it needs for daily wear and tear.

“We think you’ll love this new case as much as we do,” Hollingworth wrote in his blog piece.