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Razer debuts PC motion controller

Joining the crowded ranks of the Nintendo Wii’s nunchucks, Sony’s PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Kinect, Razer has announced that the PC will also be receiving a set of motion based controls, called the Hydra.

Debuted at CES, the Hydra offers a similar experience to its motion control competitors, but does so in a unique way. In movements, the Hydra is similar to the PlayStation Move, while the actual controls are reminiscent of the Wii’s nunchuck. But it really is something different altogether.

The Hydra consists of two handheld controls that are wired and connected to a small electromagnetic field generator that is meant to be placed near the monitor. When the user moves the sticks, it disrupts the magnetic field and recreates the movement in the game. And while the wires might sound odd considering the overall move to wireless everything, it offers a more precise gaming experience that can deliver better controls. It also cuts down on the distance from the monitor that you need to stand.

The game being displayed for the Hydra was Portal 2, which will include a series of Hydra-only levels when it is released later this year. Left 4 Dead 2 was also mentioned as a compatible game, but all other titles are being kept under wraps.

The Hydra is just one of many debuts that Razer dropped on us at CES. The peripheral maker changed their game to include Xbox devices, and wowed us all with the Switchblade mobile gaming PC.

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