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Razer's new keyboard for the iPad Pro packs mechanical switches built for PC gamers

razer ipad pro keyboard mechanical switches
On Wednesday, Razer said that its freshly-baked Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical switches are used in the new Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro, which is available today worldwide for $170. This keyboard connects to Apple’s tablet by way of Bluetooth, and features a metal, multi-angle kickstand, creating a makeshift 2-in-1 device with a protective cover for working on the go.

The big deal here is of course Razer’s new switch, which is billed as the “world’s first mechanical switch for a mobile device.” This switch features a true actuation and reset point, according to Razer, with key presses registered with 70 grams of force. That means when iPad Pro owners type on this peripheral, the keys won’t feel squishy or flat despite the slim chiclet keycaps.

That said, mechanical switches just feel “precise” when typing. As a key is pressed, the switch stem underneath depresses a spring as it moves downwards. Once the switch activates and the user’s action is “actuated,” the user releases the key and thus the switch and key “bounce” back to their original state, resetting the overall key. In the long run, mechanical switches are more durable, and the key caps typically don’t easily pop off.

Razer iPad Pro Keyboard

Razer introduced its own Green and Orange mechanical switches back in March 2014. The new Ultra-Low Profile switch is based on the “Green” version, providing “blazing fast” actuation, a distinctive click, and a reset distance that’s half of what other mechanical switches provide. That essentially spells out super-fast, super-precise typing — or in the case of gamers, the difference between life and death.

“Razer controls the entire manufacturing process of each switch, even the blueprint,” Razer states on its website. “This, in addition to the years of research and development, have resulted in a switch that surpasses the competition in durability, and features the tightest tolerance levels. Having control over the production gives Razer the opportunity to constantly innovate with new technologies, so you enjoy nothing but the very best.”

As for the mobile keyboard itself, the peripheral provides backlit illumination for typing in dark corners. There are actually 20 brightness levels to suit any low-light situation, and product images point to two dedicated keys mounted at the top-left to change the illumination levels. The keyboard comes with a detachable poly-carbonate protective cover too.

According to Razer, iPad Pro owners will see the keyboard’s built-in battery last for around 10 hours on a single charge with the keys set at their brightest level. If owners turn the backlighting off completely, the keyboard’s battery should last around 600 hours on a single change.

Razer’s new Mechanical Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro can be purchased straight from Razer right here.

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