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Razer’s $79 Kiyo X webcam uses ring light software to replace its built-in light

Razer is adding to its webcam lineup with a second Kyo model. Like the original $99 Kiyo, the new Kiyo X supports 1080p video calls, but comes in at a more affordable price of $79.

In fact, both webcams boast similar features — 1080p streams at 30 frames per second (fps) or ultra-smooth 60 fps at 720p, a clip mount mechanism for easy attachments to monitors, and a compact, all-black design — with the main difference being that the newer model scraps the dedicated ring light to help keep costs down.

Razer's new Kiyo X uses a virtual ring light to illuminate your face.

Still, if you’re concerned about your appearance on videoconferencing calls or game streams, Razer states that the Kiyo X comes with software to transform your monitor into a virtual lighting source, which can help compensate for the lack of dedicated ring light hardware.

“Razer Kiyo X comes with the … Razer Virtual Ring Light software, a customizable lighting app that utilizes the PC monitor as a source of illumination for optimized lighting during video calls and streams,” the company stated. The Kiyo X also makes use of adjustable settings inside the Razer Synapse app, and it comes with the same autofocus mechanism as the original Kiyo.

And for creators who need a much more advanced camera — like a mirrorless or DSLR camera — Razer also debuted its new Ripsaw X video capture card, which can capture feeds at up to 4K resolution using your dedicated hardware. The company claims that the Ripshaw X does this all with near-zero latency and maximum detail, and all that’s required is a camera with HDMI output. With a plug-and-play connection to your PC, it will work with many desktops and laptops without requiring you to open up your tower. Ripsaw X is said to be compatible with many popular video streaming programs and applications.

Both the Kiyo X and Ripsaw X will be available for purchase starting today, September 30. Razer is selling the Ripsaw X for $139 on its website. If you’re interested in the Razer Virtual Ring Light software for the Kiyo X, you’ll have to wait until next month for it to become available. And if you’re in the market for a new webcam, be sure to check out our picks for the top webcams and the most popular 4K webcams on the market today.

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