RealNetworks Releases RealPlayer 10 Final

From RealNetworks’ press release:

RealNetworks, Inc. today announced the final release of RealPlayer 10, the first free media player that enables consumers to play content in any of the major Internet media formats, including RealAudio, RealVideo, AAC, Windows Media, QuickTime MPEG-4 and MP3. Released in “beta” form on January 7th in the U.S. only, the final version of RealPlayer 10 is now available in North America, Europe (German and English versions) and Japan with additional international versions scheduled to launch later this summer.

RealNetworks also announced that several new partners, including Air America Radio, Car Talk from NPR, Movielink and Virgin Radio, have joined the more than 50 content and technology companies already supporting RealPlayer 10 and the RealÔ 10 platform (see related press releases issued today.)

“Since the product’s initial public release, consumers and reviewers have enthusiastically embraced RealPlayer 10 because they finally have a single product that works with their favorite portable devices and plays all the great free and premium content they find online,” said Richard Wolpert, Chief Strategy Officer, RealNetworks, Inc.

The free RealPlayer 10 is the easiest and friendliest RealPlayer ever, and offers consumers:

- Support for every major media format and the ability to play music from all of the major online music stores;
- An integrated music download store with more than 500,000 tracks encoded in 192 Kb/s AAC audio, delivering the highest quality audio of any download store (U.S. version only);
- The ability to fast forward and rewind within streams without delay, and to pause live streams;
- The best quality streaming video and audio ever through RealVideo 10, RealAudio 10 with AAC;
- Support for over 50 portable music devices, including the iPOD, palmOne Treo 600 and Creative Zen NX;

RealPlayer 10 is available for immediate download in North America, Europe and Japan at Consumers can download a basic free version of RealPlayer 10, upgrade to the premium version of RealPlayer 10, or get a combination of the premium version of RealPlayer 10 and enhanced content services such as RadioPass and SuperPass through a monthly subscription.