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Remembering your mouse is a lot easier with the new Cooler Master Sentinel III

It really is difficult to make gaming peripherals that stand out from the crowd. With every manufacturer pumping out rodents and keyboards with RGB lighting, and using the same sensors and mechanical switches, making people want to buy your peripheral over what’s offered by the competition is a challenge. So novel features often arise, like slapping an OLED display on the back of one of your most well-liked mouse designs.

The Sentinel III is Cooler Master’s second sequel to the original device, and it still sports the OLED display that shows what DPI you’ve selected. While actually reading it while in use was difficult in the past, this time around though the display has been expanded, offering a customizable logo area, which gives you 32 x 32 pixels to show off your creativity, or your ability to copy and paste something rad from Google.

Another option allows you to display profile names or a different image for each time you change sensitivity, which might be easier to read on the fly than a set of X/Y axis numbers.

Under the hood is a 32bit ARM processor and 512KB of memory to help process recorded macros or key-remaps, and to store profiles and light configurations.

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Another feature of the new rodent is that it has a matt-finish UV coating (as per Guru3D) which we’re told won’t wear or peel. While we bet there’s a coarse grade of sandpaper that would say otherwise, it’s good to hear that Cooler Master is taking the durability of its products seriously.

As you would expect with a contemporary, high-end gaming mouse, this one comes equipped with full RGB lighting too, as well as a customizable DPI all the way up to 6,400, which is more than enough for most users. It also features the usual side buttons, up/down DPI selector (though in a horizontal configuration) and a pair of finger and thumb grips.

Physically, the Sentinel III measures in at 135 x 83.6 x 40mm and weighs in at 155g, and comes with five 4.5-gram weights that can customize how heavy the mouse is.

The Sentinel III will release sometime this month. Though no U.S. pricing has been announced, it will cost £40 in the U.K., so America-based customers can expect a price of around $50.

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