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Update: The $20 Remix Mini, an Android PC, hits one million on Kickstarter

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Update 9:22AM 8/6/2015: The Remix Mini has shot way past the original goal of $50,000 to the tune of one million dollars pledged. In celebration, the $40 tier for a 2GB model has been reopened, and every Remix Mini will include an HDMI cable.

Original article: Chinese startup Jide has launched a Kickstarter campaign today for its upcoming Remix Mini computer, described by its developers as “The world’s first true Android PC.” The miniature computer features an ARM-based processor and a customized version of Android dubbed Remix OS. What’s more, the first 500 backers to pledge upwards of $20 will receive the budget-friendly Remix Mini variant, which ships with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

“We know you were probably thinking about buying 2 Chipotle burritos with a Patron Margarita with 20 bucks,” writes Jide Tech humorously in its Kickstarter copy. “But instead you bought a computer. Your mama would be proud.”

While the Remix Mini could, in theory, be used as an inexpensive streaming box, it’s advertised by its creators as more of a productivity device — a low-end Android PC with the power and Windows-esque capabilities to get the job done, whatever that might be. Its comparison to Windows is a result of its inclusion of a taskbar, multiple window multitasking, and mouse and keyboard support by means of two local USB ports as well as a built-in Bluetooth adapter.
Remix Mini, shown on the two displays on the left, is a follow-up to the Remix Ultratablet shown on the right.

For Jide, size is an increasingly important factor in designing hardware. “While everyone else is spending top dollar for the latest hardware specs just to check their email and watch Youtube videos, we realized that there’s SO much more to creating a great PC. Through its carefully engineered optimization of hardware and software, Remix Mini is able to undeniably live up to its motto: less can be more.”

The baseline edition of the Remix Mini sports a 1.2 GHz Allwinner Cortex-A53 quad-core processor, 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0. Surprisingly, it even packs support for HDMI output to a 4K monitor at its native resolution. For those looking to shell out a bit more cash for double the RAM and storage space, Jide is also offering a $40 model equipped with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

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If you miss out on the initial Kickstarter deal, fret not, as the Remix Mini will be available at retail beginning in October. For those of you interested in waiting, the version donning 1GB of RAM will set you back $30 while the 2GB model will cost $50.

Additionally, a few combo rewards are also on the table. For instance, backers who pledge upwards of $60 will be eligible to receive both the 1GB and 2GB offerings, upwards of $80 will qualify you to receive two of the 2GB models, and $200 will get you five of the 2GB versions of the Remix Mini.

Unfortunately, since the product ships out from China, shipping fees run anywhere from $15-$30, meaning that depending on where you live, you might actually be paying more for shipping than the cost of the actual computer. In that case, it might serve you just as well to wait for the retail version to hit.

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