MacBook is MIA at Apple stores, some models now shipping in over three weeks

Apple store Japan
If you were hoping to stop by an Apple store to pick up one of the new MacBooks on launch day, think again, as it looks like only those that order online will be able to get their hands on one. A number of fans of the brand have been complaining that despite their interest in purchasing in person at the point of release, they haven’t been able to do so, with staff suggesting they place their order online instead.

If you want the authentic experience of going into the Apple store and picking up your new MacBook with its fancy retina display, that is still possible, as you can have the notebook shipped to your local Apple store for later collection. However for those that don’t need to be seen buying their latest gadget, getting it shipped straight to you is also an option.

Don’t expect them to arrive too quickly though, as although there are some that should arrive within a few days or purchasing, other configurations and color choices are facing wait times of up to four weeks.

What’s surprising about this news isn’t that there are availability issues, which have always been the case with popular new hardware releases, but that it is so widespread. As MacRumors reports, stores in multiple countries – including the US, UK and Canada – aren’t carrying any stock of the new MacBook. The question now is whether the shortage at retail was deliberate.

The new 12″ MacBook range starts at $1,300 and comes with features like a single USB type C port, a high resolution Retina display and three different color options: space grey, silver and gold. The latter has proven the most popular so far, outselling the others by as much as three to one.

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