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Oculus Connect lets you shoot robots for free in VR, with Epic Games’ ‘Robo Recall’

Robo Recall Announce Trailer
Epic Games has released a few fun virtual reality demonstrations over the past couple of years, including the passive Showdown experience and the Bullet Train shooter. Now though it’s announced its first full VR title and it’s a spiritual sequel to that aforementioned FPS, called Robo Recall and when it’s released, it will be entirely free.

Announced at Oculus VR’s Connect 3 event, Robo Recall was shown to have high-end visuals, a loose story about rampaging robots, and players who can use everything from their fists to high-powered armaments to end their opponents’ digital lives for good.

Punching robots, grabbing them by their convenient handles, shooting them, blowing them up — it’s all possible in Robo Recall and it’s all thanks to motion controllers, which allow for really nuanced attacks.

If you feel a little bad gunning down a bunch of drone-like enemies though, there’s a humorous veil thrown over the whole thing, which makes crushing robot skulls as funny as it is satisfying.

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Missions are said to be increasingly difficult, giving you some measure of progression through the game as you look to halt the robot uprising, while advanced players will be able to compete for high scores. To achieve those, you’ll need to kill enemies in creative ways, gunning them down with their own weapons, or perhaps even beating their skulls in with their robot friends.

Robot Recall also features boss battles, which look to take inspiration from on-rails arcade shooters of the past, with highlighted targets across their bodies which weaken them, before you deliver the final coup de grâce.

Set for release at some point in the first quarter of 2017, the game is currently slated to debut on Oculus Rift headsets. However if the Revive project has anything to do with it, we’ll bet that Robo Recall appears on the HTC Vive almost as soon as it’s released.

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