Royal Debuts Flash Drives with Displays

Royal Consumer Information Products Monday announced the launch of a new line of flash drives which offer the ability to view filenames without attaching the drive to a computer. The new Royal EZVue Vista Drive will come in 256MB ($49.99), 512MB ($79.99) and 1GB ($99.99) storage sizes. No availability information was given.

The Royal EZVue Vista Drives, the company said, have a built-in, scrolling two-line display which enables consumers to view filenames in their respective directories or subdirectories without a computer connection. Viewable options will allow longer file names with file extensions along with the size of the files and the date they were created as well as the particular name a user has assigned to the drive along with the capacity and free space remaining.

Other features of the Royal EZVue Vista Drives include USB 2.0 support, Windows and Mac compatibility and included Allway Sync Pro software which allows consumers to select one-touch or automatic synchronization between folders and files stored on an EZVue Vista Drive and their PC.

“Keeping track of what is stored on each flash drive…not only taxes the memory, but is a real source of consumer frustration,