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Rumor: Apple will launch MacBook Pro upgrade next week

Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch) April 2010It’s been a busy week for Apple. What with the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 rumors reaching epidemic proportions, it was almost able to sneak word about its product announcement by. Almost.

In a refreshing turn, we will most likely be looking at a refreshed MacBook Pro lineup. According to Apple Insider, “people familiar with the matter” report Apple has been internally notifying staff to be ready for a product launch next week. All signs point to new MacBook Pros, which have long awaited an update. If true, Apple’s about a week ahead of schedule.

The new models should include various spec enhancements, and more notably are expected to include Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture. Apple was apparently unaffected by the notorious flaw in the chipset, which also resulted in shipment stalls.

intel-leaked-macbook-pro-adAnd it’s not only the laptops insides that are getting a revamp. Insiders speculated earlier this year that the new MacBook Pro would potentially have a “unibody chassis redesign and other Apple-specific features.” Which is a pretty vague way of saying they might look different. There was a rumor circulating earlier this week that an Intel ad for its new processors leaked the laptops new design, which looks like a brandless hybrid of a MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in the image. While there’s little to no evidence this is simply a placeholder, fan blogs were abuzz with speculation it’s the new model.

Following Apple’s apparent rule of threes, there’s the possibility we’ll see several different sizes next week as well: Two 13-inch, three 15-inch, and one 17-inch.

As per usual, Apple hasn’t announced any sort of product launch, but keep your ears open next week as a release seems imminent.

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