Update: No Surface Pro 4 appears at BUILD 2015 keynote

Microsoft SURFACE Pro 3 windows
Update 4/29/2015 1:00PM: Well, the keynote is now long over, and now Surface Pro 4 was announced. It seems Microsoft plans to wait until later this year before refreshing its 2-in-1. 

Despite a slow start for the Surface brand and two initial versions that the company would rather forget, last year Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 was met with widespread critical acclaim and lauded for its solid design, extensive versatility, and intelligent use of Windows 8.1.

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Now with the kinks worked out, the world is eagerly awaiting any details about the next model in the series, and today we might have our first glimpse at what we can expect thanks to a tip-off published by the Windows enthusiast site WinBeta.

WinBeta claims they received a tip yesterday from a Chinese source at 36kr.com, containing the final spec sheet for the hotly anticipated 2-in-1 system. Though exact details are still rough, first and foremost we should expect to see a 5th-generation Core processor packed into the mobile-PC, as opposed to a Core M which many predicted would be the next logical step for Microsoft in this space.

Next, the Pro 4 will feature the same 12-inch screen displaying the same resolution as its predecessor, along with an identical layout of all of the same ports we got last year. This should make it easier for Microsoft to cram a beefier processor into a smaller space, with only a few minor tweaks to the placement of fan holes required to make the jump from 4th to 5th generation Intel chips.

Unfortunately according to 36kr.com, it seems Microsoft hasn’t learned from the public’s desire for more storage space in their Surface Pro lineup, which means we could be stuck with the same 512GB SSD maximum hard drive size.

More specifics are expected to emerge about the device in the next day or so, and we’ll all be waiting patiently until the finalized details drop.

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