Sahara Touch-It tablet PC Debuted

From the press release:

Product Features
*    Resistive type touch screen Tablet PC
*    12.1″ Slate Tablet PC
*    Transmeta 1.0 GHz CPU
*    256 MB DRAM, expandable to 768MB
*    30 GB HDD or larger
*    Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b or optional 802.11g
*    Microsoft Windows XP Home, XP Professional or
*    Supports Linux

The Sahara Touch-it utilizes a pressure sensitive touch screen which allows input from any type of input device, albeit your finger, pen tip or plastic stick. This type of user interface allows for greater flexibility for those users who are in a true mobile environment, such as sales professionals, physicians, healthcare professionals, service technicians, engineers, and many others. In addition, for users with disabilities or special needs this type of solution is ideal because of its intuitive simple input capabilities. “Users don’t have to worry about loosing the mobility of their Tablet system when a digitizer pen is misplaced or lost anymore” said Mr. Walter N. Haldeman, V.P. of Sales & Marketing for Sand Dune Ventures, Inc.

Handwriting recognition is fully supported by the Sahara Touch-it Tablet PC, however the user needs to be careful not to rest their hand on the screen while writing or the system will recognize this contact as another input command. The Sahara system fully support all common applications designed for Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

“Leading Companies, Resellers and VARs looking for flexible touch screen mobile computing solutions are demonstrating a huge demand for the Sahara Touch-it”, said Haldeman “we are seeing diverse implementation of the Sahara systems, in such environments as Healthcare, Sales Force Automation, Assistive Living, Gaming, Home Automation & Entertainment, and as mobile Kiosk solutions”

Found VIA Engadget