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Samsung Book user manual and new launch video offer interesting details

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Samsung has a new Windows 10 tablet coming soon, replacing the Galaxy TabPro S that arrived in early 2016. The Galaxy TabPro S sported an excellent OLED display with the usual deep blacks and vibrant colors, but it had a cramped keyboard, limited connectivity, and poor viewing angles.

The replacement Galaxy Book will need to address those issues, and Samsung has faced the keyboard deficiency head-on with a new design. There is some weirdness on hand, however, according to the machine’s user manual, as MSPU reports.

The Galaxy Book will come in two versions, one with a 12-inch display and one with a smaller 10.2-inch panel. Both versions will utilize similar keyboard covers, and it’s this component that seems to have some rather interesting characteristics.

First, the keyboard can be attached at different points to allow for at least three different angles, from almost straight up to a roughly 45-degree angle to laying almost flat to make the best use of the supported S Pen. Next, the keyboard contains the NFC chip, meaning that if you want to use the NFC radio for some reason, you’ll need to have the keyboard on hand. Finally, the Galaxy Book will perform more slowly when the tablet is disconnected for a reason that’s not explicitly explained.

As usual, you can find out even more about how the device works by checking out the manual. Sections on the Samsung Notes and Air Command flow apps and functionality are included, and they highlight how the S Pen interacts with the device for controlling the user interface and writing on the screen. In addition, the Samsung Flow feature enabling the tablet to be connected to a smartphone is also explained.

If you’re interested in the Galaxy Book and want to get an idea of how it works, then you can download the manual here. Samsung hasn’t yet provided availability and pricing information on the new Windows 10 tablet, but at least now you have some additional information to keep you busy in the meantime.

As Samsung gets closer to releasing the Galaxy Book, it’s posted a launch video that gives an enticing look at the machine’s construction. There’s still no pricing or release date information, but now you know the care that Samsung put into making the new Windows 10 tablet.

Updated on 3-24-2017 by Mark Coppock: Added Samsung Galaxy Book launch video.

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