Samsung to ship DDR400 1 GB memory modules

As the number of PC users looking to replace desktop models with slim notebooks grow, Samsung’s DDR400 modules providing notebooks with desktop-like power will speed the market transition.

“Samsung’s DDR400 1GB memory module is the industry’s first in volume production, and its availability to handle increasing demand for memory-intensive applications is expected to speed the growth ofnotebook sales,” said Tom Quinn, vice president, memory sales and marketing. “This module also mitigates heat buildup associated with high-speed memory devices like the DDR400 used in the tightconfines of a notebook. Samsung addressed this problem by using 0.10-micron process technology and a copper lead frame, which has excellent heat conductivity.”

The main memory device currently used in notebook PCs, the DDR266, is expected to give way to the DDR333 in the second half of this year. The DDR400 offers notebook users a 50 percent improvement inpeak bandwidth over DDR266, and Samsung expects this device to become the memory of choice for users who require high-performance notebook computers that are lightweight and easily portable.
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The recent introduction of Intel’s Springdale and Canterwood chipsets for high-end PCs coupled with Intel’s new 400MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) process are expected to accelerate adoption of DDR400 inthe PC market.

The 1GB SO-DIMM (Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module) has a total of sixteen 512Mb DDR chips in an sTSOP (Shrink TSOP) package. These are arrayed in two rows and constitute the highest capacitySO-DIMM currently available for notebook PCs. Samsung’s new DDR400 lineup includes 256MB and 512MB versions consisting of 256Mb chips as well as the 512MB and 1GB versions based on 512Mb chips.

According to market research from International Data Corp. (IDC), the CAGR forecast through 2007 is six percent for desktop PCs compared to 13 percent for notebooks.

Samsung first sampled its DDR400 modules to computer makers in February 2003, and major notebook PC manufacturers are already receiving regular shipments of the DDR400 modules. Samsung was also thefirst in the industry to launch volume production of DDR400 modules for desktop PCs in March 2002, generating market demand for high-performance memory.