Samsung unveils SM-352 CD-RW/DVD drive

Samsung’s latest combo drive will be available in retail and distribution channels in May 2003. The lighting quick SM-352 gives high-end computer users the ability to record MP3 files onto CDs, watchDVD movies or play CD and DVD video games. It supports recording and editing of high-capacity photo, video, and music data, and offers compatibility with existing popular CD and DVD media formats.The SM-352 features a high-capacity 8MB buffer that ensures any CD and DVD-ROM reads smoothly and uses advanced technology to prevent Buffer Under Run Error. The feature-rich SM-352 also incorporatesSamsung’s Dynamic Vibration Absorbers (DVA) to reduce the vibration and noise emitted from the drive. The SM-352 comes in a standard half-height form factor and can be mounted either horizontally orvertically, giving consumers further options for more efficient use of space in their PC. Additionally, the SM-352’s soft MPEG decoder plays DVD-Video without the need for an MPEG decoder board.

“As a worldwide technology powerhouse with vast resources dedicated to R&D, Samsung is committed to providing is customers with ground-breaking technologies at very affordable costs,” comments Rey Roque, Vice President of Marketing for Samsung’s Digital Information Technology Division (DITD). “The new SM-352 combo drive capitalizes on Samsung’s ability to offer best-of-breed products and gives consumers the fastest and most versatile drive available today.”

The SM-352 is write-compatible with CD-R and CD-RW media. The combo drive also supports DVD-ROM and CD-ROM titles, plus DVD-Video and titles in CD-Extra format that contain image and text information of audio CDs. Other supported read-only formats include CD-R, CD-RW and multi-session photo CD. The SM-352 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP and 2000 operating systems. For easy installation, the SM-352 uses an eIDE/ATAPI interface and features Optical Pick-Ups adopting an Annular Mask Lens. The suggested retail price is $129. For more information about Samsung’s optical disc drives, or for the name of the dealer nearest you, contact Samsung toll-free at 1-800-SAMSUNG or via the Internet at