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Samsung unwraps five new displays, including an affordable 28-inch 4K screen

samsung unwraps five new displays including an affordable 28 inch 4k screen u28d590 004 r perspective black

Though most 4K TVs cost thousands, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to plunk down a couple of kilo-bucks in order to have a slice of 4K display tech in your pad.

Case in point: Samsung just revealed five new monitors, with its $699.99 U28D590D taking top billing. The 590D boasts a 28-inch 4K (3840×2160) screen, and sports a Black/Metallic finish along with a minimalistic, T-shaped stand. Port selection includes a pair of HDMI ports, a single DisplayPort connector, viewing angles of 170/160 degrees, brightness that’s rated at 370 cd/m2, and a response time of 1ms. It’s worth noting though that Samsung’s newest 4K display isn’t the only affordable option on the market. Back in January, Dell took the wraps off a 28-inch 4K monitor of its own, priced at exactly the same rate.

If you’re not ready, willing, or able to make the jump to 4K, Samsung also announced new 1080p monitors as well. Dubbed the S27D390H and the S27D590P, both of these screens sport many of the same specs. They’re both 27-inch 1080p displays, have viewing angles of 178 degrees, brightness of 300 cd/m2 and have response times of 5ms. While the S27D590P wears a pair of a HDMI ports, the S27D390H only has a single HDMI connector.

Where these displays differ most is external design. While the 590P is propped up by a T-shaped stand that’s almost identical to the one that keeps the 4K 590D upright, and also has a similar finish Black/Metallic finish, Samsung took a different approach with the 390H. The 390H wields a stand that consists of a glossy, black, square base, and a neck that wears a calming blueish hue. On top of that, the 390H’s black bezel is adorned with an attractive turquoise-like trim that allows the 390H to stand out, while still maintaining an appearance that would fit right into a home or office setting.


Samsung will also offer 23.6-inch versions of the 390H (S24D390HL) and 590P (S24D590PL). Aside from size, the only difference between the 27-inch versions and their smaller siblings is the 24-inch versions are a dimmer (250 cd/m2 brightness). However, the 24-inch 390H will have two HDMI ports, as opposed to the one found on the 27-inch flavor.

Here’s how the pricing breaks down for the other displays: The S27D590P costs $329.99, the S27D390H will set you back $309.99. The S24D590PL is priced at $269.99, and the S24D390HL will go for $249.99. You can pre-order the $699.99 28-inch 4K U28D590D display right now. The 1080p monitors will be available sometime in April.

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