6GB of RAM in your phone? Samsung is making it possible

samsungs latest ram could bring 6gb of memory to your tablet or smartphone samsunglpddr4

It wasn’t that long ago that we were all running less than a single gigabyte of RAM in our desktop PCs, so it seems crazy that today that we have smartphones packing 4GB a piece. That’s all thanks to Samsung’s 20nm manufacturing process, which lets phone makers cram four 8 Gigabit chips into their devices. But we’re already looking to move beyond that technology.

Samsung is now producing faster, more energy efficient LPDDR4, which it says can come in 12 Gigabit capacities, or 1.5 Gigabytes. That means that with four of these, the next generation of smartphones and tablets should be able to come with as much as 6GB of on-board RAM.

Not only that, though, but Samsung claims these new mobile RAM chips operate as much as 30 percent faster than their previous iteration and twice as fast as desktop DDR4. It’s also more energy efficient, so despite having more of RAM, which does consume power, mobile devices shouldn’t see any loss in battery life with the upgrade.

Thanks to improvements in its manufacturing facilities, Samsung is able to pump out these new RAM chips at a rate 50 percent higher than the last version, so it should be able to sell to more companies in larger quantities, which brings the price down for end-users looking to buy those phones.

This not only means that flagship devices will come with even more impressive performance than previous generations, but that lower end phones will be able to benefit from larger memory banks, thereby making them better multi-taskers too.

Perhaps more exciting though, is that while there are not currently any applications that make use of this much memory, there could be. The capacity is there, so perhaps we will see some new and exciting applications that may not have been possible on previous generations of hardware. Programming an app to use more memory is quite a bit easier than making use of multiple cores, and allows the use of more detailed assets in mobile games.