USB Type-C is the only way to access SanDisk’s speedy new pen drive

SanDisk, like many other storage manufacturers out there, sees the writing on the wall: people really like USB Type-C. With that in mind, the company has released a new flash drive using the reversible connector standard, with USB 3.1 data transfer rates and capacities up to 128GB.

Announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress, the device is known as the SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C drive and offers sequential read speeds up to 150MBps, though SanDisk hasn’t been forthcoming about write speeds.

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Despite its speed, the USB Type-C port is the big selling point of this device. It’s reversible and retractable too, so there’s no risk of damaging it if you take the drive with you. Its chassis is tough but thin, making it easy to slip in your pocket or attach to a keychain.

It is also compatible with SanDisk’s Memory Zone app, which helps you manage your files, backups, and storage across multiple devices.

Available in sizes ranging from 16GB all the way up to 128GB, SanDisk says this drive is just the beginning of its adventures with USB Type-C connectors, with plans for more drives and compatible storage options coming throughout the rest of 2016.

Available now on Amazon — though with a multi-week wait time — the Ultra drive will set you back $13 for the 16GB version and up to $50 for the 128GB model.

Although it may claim unique qualities with its new drive, SanDisk is not the first manufacturer to release a USB Type-C pen drive into the wild. As AndroidPolice points out, there are similar devices come from Lexar, which offers a more competitive price; Kingston, and of course SanDisk have also released other USB Type-C devices, though not with a single dedicated connector.

The question is, even if it does have a USB Type-C interface, do you really need to buy yet another drive?

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