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Sapphire unlocks an RX 460 with a full quota of stream processors in China

Sapphire is expanding the entry-level range of AMD RX series graphics processors (GPU) with a new RX 460. While mostly the same as other versions of the card, this one comes packing an expanded 1,024 stream processors, which shows that this is a fully unlocked version of the Polaris 11 GPU and not a restricted iteration.

The RX 460 first showed up on Sapphire’s Chinese website listed as a “Sapphire RX460 1024SP 4G D5” with the designation Super Platinum OC, per TechReport. Unfortunately, it seems like this card may never leave eastern shores, so it may be that only Chinese consumers get access to it.

This RX 460 is essentially an unlocked version of Sapphire’s Nitro RX 460, which has a similar layout of DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI-D ports on the back and has the same 4GB of GDDR5 twinned with a 128-bit memory bus.

The clocks haven’t changed from other Sapphire RX 460s though, as the core hits 1,250MHz when boosted. While the stock clock isn’t stated on the listing, it’s likely to be the same as the Sapphire Nitro RX 460, which sits at 1,175Mhz.

Thanks to those added stream processors though, this one should come in a few percent faster than its counterparts. It bridges the gap between the standard RX 460 and the much heftier RX 470, which has double the number of stream processors of even this RX 460.

Since there seems to be no sign of this card ever making it to the U.S., we do not have anything in the way of pricing or availability, but it would be likely to be priced the same, if not a little more, than standard RX 460s, which are around the $120 mark.

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8K might sound excessive since even the best VR headsets, like the Apple Vision Pro and the recently announced Pimax Crystal Super, have resolutions closer to 4K-per-eye. However, you can only see a third or less of a 360-degree video at once.

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The brand is working to expand on its own AI model, Adobe Firefly, which started as a text-to-image generator last March and has quickly expanded its AI brand across several editing mediums.

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