Two gigabytes of free Google Drive storage is only a security checkup away

secure your google account and get 2 gb of drive storage checkup

In an attempt to once again raise the free cloud storage bar above its number one competitor, Microsoft OneDrive, Google is celebrating the 12th Safer Internet Day by offering two extra gigabytes of Drive space, no strings attached.

All you have to do is take a couple of minutes to complete a simple Security Checkup. This will help you ensure your Google account recovery information is up-to-date, review recent sign-in activity, and confirm apps and devices with access to personal data.

Bottom line, it’s a non-intrusive, hassle-free, totally safe and practical “procedure,” and at the end of it, you’ll be sure you’re protected against external threats, and score a permanent 2GB bump in your Google Drive storage plan.

That’s right, from February 28, when the complimentary space will be granted automatically to everyone, until the end of times, you’ll have 17GB available for no charge, 102 at $1.99 a month, or 1,002GB for $9.99, and so on.

Meanwhile, Redmond has just kicked off a promotion where OneDrive users can nab an additional 100 gigs of free cloud capacity on top of the 15GB normally furnished. But you have to be willing to constantly replace Google searches with the Bing alternatives. Google’s offer requires no long-term commitment.

Sorry, Microsoft, but the Goog seems to be cutting us the better deal. This is a limited time offer, however: the security checkup must be complete by February 17th.