Sega brings retro console-themed laptops to Japan

Sega Laptops from EBTEN

Do you find yourself wishing your laptop looked more like your beloved Sega Dreamcast? If you’re in Japan, you can snatch up one of the four limited edition classic console-themed laptops that Sega’s offering through Japanese online retailer Ebten.

According to The Verge, it was difficult for the Sega to narrow down its console designs to just four, so it had to go with its most iconic looks: the Genesis (aka MegaDrive), Saturn, and Dreamcast, as well as one decked out in all blue. Not really interested in an entire machine but still want to show your love for Sega? You can give your laptop a makeover with a Sega-themed laptop lid cover.

Beyond its Sega good looks, these Windows 8 laptops are available with configurations ranging from “light” to “standard” to “high-spec” to “premium.” While all models come with 15.6-inch, 1080p HD displays, you have the option to choose the more powerful Intel Core i7 2.4GHz processor and Nvidia GeForce 650M discrete graphics. Each laptop will also be pre-loaded with Sega themed wallpapers, icons, and music from various Sega titles.

If you want one of these bad boys, you’ll need to move quickly. Sega is only making 50 units of the standard, high-spec, and premium models – with no plans to bring these devices to other shores. It goes without saying that this extremely limited run of Sega laptops will cost you a pretty penny: from 99,750 yen (about $1,077 U.S.) to 194,250 yen ($2,098 U.S.). We can’t even imagine the ridiculous starting prices if they ever make it to eBay.