Sharp Introduces New 19-Inch LCD Display

From Sharp’s press release:

Sharp Systems of America, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, today announced a new addition to its LCD monitor line-up aimed at business and consumer users. The stylish 19-inch LL-191A LCD monitor is a bright SXGA (1,280 x 1,024 dots) LCD display that can achieve a high response time of 16ms, making the unit ideal for video and design applications. The monitor’s elegant look and narrow frame design requires less setup space, maximizing the users desktop space, while providing a generous amount of display space for computing applications.
“The stylish LL-191A offers users a large screen in a surprisingly narrow design without compromising on important technological aspects needed in a professional quality display,” said Terry Hanly, product marketing manager for Sharp Systems of America. “With a 16ms response time, the LL-191A is at the top of its class in video performance, and the 1.3 megapixel SXGA display provides users with a great quality display for a wide range of applications.”

The Sharp LL-191A is a sleek and stylish 19-inch monitor equipped with an SXGA liquid crystal display panel in a narrow framed, space-saving design. Ideal for video and design applications, the LL-191A LCD display achieves a high-speed 16ms response time for sharp delineation of quickly moving (or high data) images without latent images or ghosting that happens with smaller, less capable displays.

Equipped with analog video input, the LL-191A is capable of displaying over 16 million colors, achieving 220-nit brightness, and a 500:1 contrast ratio. The LL-191A is capable of wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 160 degrees. The display also comes equipped with two built-in stereo speakers, which are hidden from view so as to not take away from the display’s sleek design.

The Sharp LL-191A features a color management function compatible with the “sRGB” international standard for color reproduction. By performing color conversions with “ICC profile” that adjust to liquid crystal characteristics, the LL-191A displays pictures with natural tones, and color matching is achieved with sRGB compatible peripheral equipment.

The LL-191A is engineered to provide users with a narrow-framed, space-saving design, with a width of 419mm (16.5 inches), a height of 409mm (16.1 inches) and the depth of 213mm (8.4 inches), enabling efficient desktop use. The left and right frame width of the screen is a narrow 20mm, saving space for multi-monitor usage, where monitors are lined up in a row.

The Sharp LL-191A features an array of built-in display modes for flexible usage. Included in these modes are the “Office mode” for a lower brightness display, which reduces power consumption, a “Vivid mode” for photo-realistic imaging, and a “Standard mode” for displaying colors from the original sRGB standard of liquid crystal panels.
The LL-191A is available in black and features a long life (approximately 50,000 hours) backlight. Available immediately, the LL-191A has an estimated street price of $699.

Sharp LCDs are available immediately through Sharp directly (, or through Sharp’s network of retail partners and reseller channels. For more information, call 800-BE-SHARP.