Shuttle XPC ST61G4 Review

Quote from the review at Anandtech:

“The Shuttle XPC ST61G4 is sold as a complete barebones Small Form Factor system with integrated ATI 9100 graphics. Both ATI and Shuttle expect that this is how the system will be used. Compared to the competing Intel 865G with on-board graphics, the ST61G4 must be considered a blazing performer, since in every graphics-intensive operation, it handily outperforms the Intel 865G-based systems. The 9100IGP is much better than Intel’s 865G for gaming, and it often makes the difference between the game being playable and the game being too slow to really play. The system would be even better if ATI supported Direct X 9.0 on their IGP chipset, and we will likely see that with future ATI chipsets. “

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