SiS Plans PCI Express Motherboards For June

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp (SiS) today announced the market leading position of its latest southbridge supporting the new PCI-E standard, the SiS965L. Motherboards incorporated with SiS PCI-Echipsets are ahead of competitors to be provided to the market in June.

Compatible with Mature and Current Northbridge Chips–the Ultimate Combination and Flexibility
Built to PCI-E standards, the SiS965L southbridge is SiS’ premier core logic chipset and outshines the competition, whether in the time-to-market delivery or the flexible northbridge and southbridge combination. The SiS965L can be paired with either a mature or current SiS northbridge to keep overall costs lower. SiS customers can choose to have PCI-E in the southbridge, while going with a proven and reliable solution for the northbridge. By giving customers a broader range of choices, they are able to meet their market segmentation requirements more easily, as well as save on development costs. This flexible combination has created a new market demand, compelling consumers to rush to be the first to experience the new generation efficiency of PCI Express. This kind of market-oriented flexibility is what makes SiS the ideal choice for performance and value.

Fully Supports Intel and AMD Platforms, Positioned in All Corners of the Market
Before new PCI-E motherboards and its related peripheral cards become available, the SiS965L will already be compatible with the market-tested northbridge, while raising platform compatibility and stability and supporting both PCI and PCI-E standards. SiS clients such as Asus, ASRock, and Gigabyte, are currently incorporating SiS965L chipsets that are already under in mass production into their R&D designs. SiS965L can be paired with various mass-produced northbridge chips such as the SiS648FX, SiS655FX, SiS655TX, and SiS661FX for Intel Platforms, and the SiS748, SiS755, SiS755 FX, SiS760 for AMD platforms. Whether using an independent or integrated model, SiS provides the appropriate solutions for its clients’ various market strategies. SiS965L’s flexibility allows motherboard manufacturers, OEMS, and system integrators to easily upgrade their products which are already on the market, thus reducing product development timetables and costs. With SiS, you have the competitive products needed to take the edge on new market opportunities for PCI-E.

About SiS965L
The SiS965L features a robust feature set for today’s demanding and varied PC applications, including support for 2 PCI-Express x 1 ports, 8 USB 2.0 ports, 8 channel sound, 10/100 LAN, 2 SATA (supporting hot plug functionality) and 4 PATA.