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Skype fix now available after outage affects ‘small number’ of users

skype-large-logoIf you’re having trouble connecting to Skype this morning, it’s not your computer. The company announced earlier today that its system has gone down once again, the second such outage in the past couple of weeks.

“A small number of you may have problems signing in to Skype,” wrote the VoIP company on its Twitter page. “We’re investigating the cause, and hope to have more details to share soon.”

About an hour after that Tweet was published, the company made a statement on its blog saying that it had discovered a “configuration proble” that “has meant some of you have been disconnected from Skype.”

“We’ve identified the cause of the problem, and have begun to address it,” writes Skype’s Peter Parkes on the Skype blog. “If you’ve been affected, you should start to see improvement in the next hour or so. You shouldn’t need to manually sign back in to Skype – it should reconnect automatically when it’s able to do so.”

It remains unclear what Skype meant, exactly, by a “small number” of people. But a quick look at Twitter shows the outage affected users from around the world, which suggests that “small number” actually means “huge number,” or possibly even “everybody.”

Correction: The fix posted here earlier is unnecessary for today’s problem. The fix instructions have been deleted to avoid confusion. Skype issued the following statement, saying that they are currently working to fix the problem for all users, which does not require a manual reconnect for the fix to take effect: “Today’s problems have stabilised, and recovery is ongoing. Skype should return to normal soon…We apologize for the disruption to your conversations.”

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