Sneak Peek : Sony VAIO PCG-TR1

Quote from the article:

“The VAIO PCG-TR1 is arguably one of the best looking sub-notebook around. We liked it, and we could probably say we love it too. But as we didn’t run our usual suite of benchmarks, we’ll leave our final judgement until we get hold of a proper review unit. In the meantime, we did take a quick look at the PCG-TR1’s visual and audio outputs. Although both the screen and speakers are only pre-production builts and we deemed it unfair to the notebook to actually put it through our usual visual/audio tests, we were already pretty impressed by what we have seen and heard so far. “

Our Take: The TR1 is a killer system. I like the fact that it has an internal DVD/CD-RW drive as well as FireWire, USB 2.0 and integrated 802.11b networking. This system is small and perfect for the casual business user. Everything about this system is done right. We actually posted pics and information in our own forums, you can check them out here.

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