Sony Ericsson Projects Its Spider PC Concept

spider-pc1Portable electronics are in high demand– and if your netbook or smartphone isn’t portable enough for you, Sony Ericsson’s new prototype may have what you’re looking for. Sony Ericsson debuted its Spider PC concept at the Taiwan Broadband Show today. The Spider PC is a portable computer that uses a pico-projected screen and laser-projected keyboard– it also has the basics like wireless broadband connectivity and a battery. The concept is not exactly complete: ideally Sony Ericsson wants the proctor to fit into this spider-esque stand, so the actual computer would be a bout the size of a compact umbrella.


This is Sony Ericsson’s hope for the PCs of 2020: instead of touch screens, it’ll be all about touch-sensitive holographic displays.

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Check out this video of the Spider computer concept: