Sony to integrate Facebook data into personalized games

sony to integrate facebook data into personalized games ps3 carousel

Facebook really is everywhere! Or it soon will be, including the friendly confines of your favorite video game. When Sony released the latest update firmware update for the PlayStation 3, the main focus was on the integration of 3D gaming, and the removal of all unauthorized PS3 controllers. But deeper in that firmware was the code to allow Facebook to be deeper integrated into the console. And as soon as next year, it could change things significantly.

At the moment, Facebook is somewhat limited to using a console as a proxy computer, with a modified look. It can access your data and show you who else is on both Facebook and the console, but most of the abilities are little more than a less sophisticated version of what you seen on your computer. With the newly proposed integration, Facebook would be able to access your information, and Sony would be able to incorporate that information into a game you are playing.

According to a report by Forbes, this integration will make games seem like they are tailored to the individual player. For example, a gamer might be playing against a friend online in a game of basketball. If both people are on Facebook, both characters in the game might actually look like the real life people. You might also be playing a single player game, and rather than running down a hallway filled with random paintings, those paintings might be of your friends and family. It might also go further than that, and on games like Guitar Hero, the track list might be tailored to you based on the songs and bands you like on Facebook.

As for privacy, it will be a simple matter to opt out, if you wish. Once developers truly begin to sink their teeth into the ability, it might also be a way to connect gamers across Facebook, rather than through online lobbies and friends lists. It is probably still a year or so away from any practical applications, but soon Facebook might help Sony to take gaming to a much more personal level.


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