Sony Unveils New 360 Degree Display

sony unveils new 360 degree display autostereoscopic prototype

Because the future is apparently not getting here fast enough, Sony has taken matters into its own hands and decided to speed the process up. Announced today is the RayModeler 3D display, a new step forward in the future of 3D displays. The device captures a 360-degree view of the object or subject being recorded, and then is able to display the image not just in 3D, but interactive 3D. Basically it is like a hologram from Star Trek or another sci-fi property. That might seem like a simplistic description for such high-tech equipment, but it really is fairly apt.

The RayModeler uses a series of cameras that circle the object being recorded, which allows the broadcast to have true depth, not just the impression of depth that current 3D offers. The images are then able to move, and can even be programmed to react to the movement of the person viewing the image. The system will make its official debut in Los Angeles at the SIGGRAPH Expo, a conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Although the technology is impressive, it is still a prototype. But give it a few years and imagine the possibilities. Check out the video below for more on the RayModeler.