Sony Upgrades AIBO ESR-7

“Chief among the software enhancements are improved voice recognition, navigation, and autonomy in the second version of the AIBO Mind software. As before, the AIBO’s image-recognition technology comes by way of Evolutions Robotics software. But now, in addition to being able to recognize and recall objects, AIBO will be able to remember objects and their location. This is especially useful for navigation. In video demonstrations, we saw the AIBO recognize a wall obstacle from roughly twice as far away as did an ESR-7 running last year’s software. Additionally, after seeing a wall, turning to the left, and seeing another wall, the AIBO didn’t turn back to the first wall. Instead, it appeared to remember the wall’s existence and turned left again to find an open pathway.”

The AIBO ESR-7 featuring the new software update, can be purchased for $1,899 or if you have the older ESR-7 model you can upgrade your software for $99.

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Found VIA Gizmodo