Sony announces touch-enabled VAIO T14 and T15 ultrabooks at CES 2013

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Back in October, Sony released two ultrabooks: the 14-inch VAIO T14, and the 13-inch T13. While you could get a touchscreen version of T13, the T14 had no touchscreen option – that is, until now. However, touch comes at a price, and it usually adds at least $100 on to the price of a non-touch laptop. Available sometime this spring, the touch-enabled T14 will start at $800. Sony also revealed a minor update to the Duo 11 slider. In addition to the original black, the tiny hybrid computer is now available in silver from Sony’s online store

Aside from the two updates to the VAIO line, Sony also announced its new 15-inch ultrabook, the Vaio T15. The laptop comes fitted with a full HD (1920 x 1080) touchscreen display and an aluminum-magnesium body. Sony has yet to reveal the T15’s full specifications and features list, but according to PCMag, the T15 will be shipped with the latest third-generation Intel chips. Along with the touch-enabled T14 ultrabooks, the new 15-inch T15 will be available this coming spring for a base price of $950. We expect more details to be available nearer to launch. Stay tuned for a hands-on review of Sony’s new VAIOs.