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The Star Wars spoilers are strong, but the force is strong with this Chrome extension

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Walt Disney Studios
While some have already succumbed to the Sith temptations of children’s books and comics that spoil certain elements of the upcoming Star Wars film, there are those of us who prefer to stay off the path of the dark side, lest it forever dominate our destiny. For those, there’s now a Chrome extension that will hopefully prevent users from seeing any hints of spoilers.

The concept is simple – navigate to a page where there’s a mention of Star Wars, and a screen will pop up preventing you from continuing without confirming you’re ready to see potential spoilers.

It works fairly well, although it can be a bit trigger-happy with its blaster, presenting the dialogue for almost any page with a reference to Star Wars on it. That’s better than accidentally seeing which character might die in which scene, or ruining the surprise that Supreme Leader Snoke is really Jar-Jar Binks, preventing the incidental spread of the dark side’s influence.

Some might argue that there’s another, truly evil, use case for the extension. If you happen to not like Star Warswhich is hard to imagine, then the extension may prevent you from having to read any news or reports on rumors from the films. This complete disregard for such an important franchise is, in my opinion, downright criminal, but that won’t stop a Sith anyway.

Jedi faithful already using the Chrome browser can simply download and install the extension from the Chrome web store. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it’s one that supporters of the rebel alliance will be able to rely on like Han relies on Chewie. Hopefully this can save another lifelong fan from finding out whose body Rey is crying over in the official trailer.

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